10 Things Every Chicago Car Owner Should Know

10 Things about Vehicle Repair Chicago Car Owner’s Need to Know

Finding just the auto repair shop can be difficult. When you need to get something repaired there can be apprehension about whether or not your vehicle will be fixed correctly and at a reasonable price. In Chicago you have certain rights when it comes to having your vehicle repaired. They are outlined Chapter 4-228 in the Chicago Municipal Code and I will summarize the top ten below. However, it is always a good idea to first make sure you are using a licensed auto repair shop. Also, don’t let minor problems that can be easily fixed turn into major problems if ignored. Ask for referrals from friends who already have a trusted mechanic; this can help with peace of mind. Compare and price check, but beware of deals that sound too good to be true. Lastly, a good rule of thumb is to follow your factory scheduled maintenance plan and maintain a routine oil change schedule. These few basic things can help you avoid an auto repair problem.

Chicago Consumers Auto Repair Rights

  1. Get a written estimate prior to work and read it.
  2. Always get a detailed invoice about parts, labor, and work completed.
  3. Once repairs are completed the estimate cannot go over 10% or 15.00 over the original estimate unless permission has been granted.
  4. Your invoice should state that repairs completed and parts used are under warranty for at least 3,000 miles, and/or 90 days.
  5. If a warranty is given you have the right to return with problem within ten days or within the warranty period whichever is a longer length of time.
  6. You may request old parts to be returned. However, this request must be made in writing at time the work order is placed. Warranty and exchange parts are excluded from being returned.
  7. All questions about repair problems should be directed to the auto shop manger.
  8. You have the right to inspect your car after repair and before you make final payment.
  9. If you find something wrong you can make a written statement about anything you notice that is related to the repairs.
  10. If you have unresolved problems you can dial 311 or file a complaint with Business Affairs and Consumer Protection.

Know your rights and choose your next auto repair shop wisely! For more in depth reading from the source click here: American Legal Publishing: Chapter 4-228

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