Appearance Protection Plans

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Everybody wants their car to look as good as it did they day they bought it. Unfortunately as time goes on our vehicles begin to show their age. Harsh winters and city living leave their mark on your vehicle just about every time your drive it, and sometimes even when you’re not driving it! Your vehicle’s bumpers and wheels are scuffed and scraped from parallel parking gone wrong. Your doors become magnets for dings and dents from squeezing into those tiny parking spots. We certainly can’t forget about the potholes that are so often unavoidable.

For most of us the minor damages our vehicles endure from living in the city just aren’t worth filing an insurance claim over. The cost of the repairs are often as much or less than your auto insurance deductible. The fear of the same damage occurring again next week just makes most us end up living with it. Driving a car that once looked beautiful, getting sad every time you get it washed exposing all of its wounds.

This is the beauty of our Appearance Protection Plans. Perillo Collision and Service is excited to inform you that you and your vehicle no longer need to suffer. You can keep your bumpers looking perfect year after year! You can own a car in the City of Chicago free of all dings and dents! You can drive a vehicle with big gorgeous alloys wheels without fear! Perillo Collision and Service can keep your newly purchased or leased vehicle looking as good as it did that first time you drove it home.

Perillo Collision and Service offers three Appearance Protection Plans to chose from. Discounts available when all three plans are purchased together. Call us today for more information.

  • Bumper Protection Plans
  • Wheel Protection Plans
  • Dent Protection Plans