Wheel Repair in Chicago, IL

Wheel Refinishing & Custom Coloring From $65-$200

Fixing Curb Rash, Abrasions, Scratches, and More!

Your vehicle’s wheels are often the most noticeable feature of your vehicle. That can be good, and it can be bad. If you’ve been driving around with rim discoloration, scrapes and gouges on your wheels, it’s time to get it fixed. A new set of rims on your vehicle will give it an entirely new look and style, but at Perillo Collision & Service in Chicago, we can make what you already have look new. Our team of wheel repair specialists is experienced at providing rim styles for domestic and imported vehicles. We specialize in high-end luxury vehicles and can meet all of your wheel refinishing and painting needs. Give your vehicle a new and unique face with customized wheel coloring service. We can provide a wide variety of finishes and shades.

Chicago’s Wheel Repair Specialists

Come to us if you think your wheels have been through enough. Normal road travel can cause your wheels to become worn and unattractive. Impacts with curbs and potholes can cause damage to the rims that are unsightly and hazardous. Perillo Collision & Service wants you to look like you. That includes removing all the signs of wear-and-tear and discoloration. Put your individual mark on your vehicle’s style by letting us perform your quality wheel coloring. At Perillo Collision & Service, we perform all wheel repair services. You can increase the road-life of your wheels by visiting us for a quick vehicle and wheel examination. We can straighten bent rims, fix scratches, and remove corrosion from your wheels. Our customers like to visit our wheel repair specialists in Chicago before spending money on expensive replacement wheels. Your vehicle will receive just as much attention from an affordable wheel repair or rim color customization.

Schedule Your Wheel Repairs Today!

The team at Perillo Service & Collision is here to handle any wheel repair needs. Whether you’d like us to do “dust off” the age and wear on your wheels or you’d like to customize them with the best shade or finish. Changing your wheel color will create a new look. Every vehicle that leaves our facility will leave looking as shiny and aesthetically pleasing as possible. A new coat can protect your wheels from scratches and corrosion. From top to bottom and front to back, we’ll make sure your vehicle leaves a lasting impression. Give us a call today at 312-291-7342 to schedule your next wheel repair appointment. Save time by using our convenient online scheduling system right now. Next time you’re in the area, feel free to stop by to meet our team. We look forward to serving you and servicing your vehicle!